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We understand that our players range in age, extracurricular commitments, and academic responsibilities, so it is important that coaches, players, and parents are all on the same page at the beginning of the season. These are our expectations for Panther City Volleyball players:


Player attendance at all practices, tournaments, and mandatory meetings is integral to the success and development of our teams and players. Absence from and tardiness to these events strain the cohesiveness of the team and the coaches' plans for each practice. EACH PLAYER IS AS IMPORTANT TO OUR SUCCESS AS THE NEXT.


Education is always a priority, and we believe that each of our players can plan for practice and competition accordingly. While exceptions can be made for academic purposes, excessive absences and tardies will have consequences. Each of our coaches is expected to balance time with their work, families, and other responsibilities to train Panther City players at each practice and tournament. We expect players to make the same sacrifices to the level that corresponds with our level of competition.


Our parents' involvement with the club is of the utmost importance to us! Whether it's just spreading the word about Panther City Volleyball or coming to every tournament with snacks in tow, or anywhere in between! We actively encourage an open dialogue between directors, coaches, and parents throughout the season. 

We have borrowed these "12 Essential Drills: For the Parents"  from USA Volleyball and respectfully request that our parents read through this guide and practice them during the season.

Player Behavior

Panther City Volleyball is committed to the development of each of the young men that join our club. On the court, each of our players will be good, clean competitors known for their sportsmanship and integrity. We have similar expectations of respect and tolerance for our players off the court.

We expect that all of our players follow the directions of coaching staff during practice, competitive play, and tournament travel. We also require each player to familiarize himself with our expectations for punctuality and attendance.

Lastly, PCV reserves the right to excuse any player from further participation at any point in the season if they have continually violated our code of conduct or committed an egregious offense. A refund will not always be granted. Please see our Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

Players' fees are based on a certain number of players per team to share the team's costs. Therefore, if a player leaves or is removed from the club, there will be no refund. If the player finds another player who wishes to join the club and assume the same fees as the ex-player, the club will refund the corresponding amount to the ex-player.

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